Sometimes the Best Way to Take a Phone Call Is Without a Phone

RGTS’s SoftPhone application gives you the freedom to make and receive phone calls from a desktop or laptop computer, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Just plug in a headset and use SoftPhone to turn any Internet-enabled PC into the smartest phone available.

SoftPhone combines voice, video, instant messaging, text messages, and presence-enabled collaboration capabilities in a customizable desktop or laptop computer interface. RGTS’s SoftPhone operates seamlessly with RGTS’s ROCKVoice VoIP service.

By converging voice and message features with powerful computer applications and control, SoftPhone offers levels of convenience and productivity for a company’s employees new convenience and powerful tools to raise their productivity.

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  • Control all phone features from your desktop or laptop computer
  • Escalate communications from instant messages, to audio calls, to video calls without disruption
  • View the status of other users’ phones connected to your workgroup
  • Transfer live calls to an office, home, or mobile phone without interrupting your conversation
  • Place outgoing calls through Click-to-Call in contact directory
  • Configure the Auto-Receptionist to prompt callers for their names
  • Route calls on the fly to your office, home, or mobile phone with a single click on a simple pull-down menu
  • See a display of the name and number of every caller
  • View call and contact history across all devices
  • Send calls directly to voicemail
  • Send text-to-speech messages to your callers in real-time, even when you’re in a meeting or on another line
  • Listen to messages as they’re being recorded
  • Interrupt callers leaving a message to take their call
  • Record calls
  • Download recorded conversations, store them on your PC, and forward them to others
  • Receive faxes; sign, annotate, and send faxes
  • Listen to all your voicemails and view fax messages without having to log into your account
  • Select a default message or type a personalized message that will be read to callers using text-to-speech technology when you’re too busy to take a call