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Unified ROCKMessaging — Leverage Your Power From Any Location, From Any Device

Posted June 13, 2016 | Unified Communications

Optional Transcription Service Converts Voice Messages to Text 

Are you getting the most from your unified ROCKMessaging service? Because there’s so much power and convenience there, it’s easy to overlook some of the possibilities.

Yes, you can access and administer all your voicemail, email, and fax messages simultaneously with a single mobile device via ROCKMessaging from Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions — RGTS.

With RGTS’s Telephony Toolbar and Web Portal, you can use your desktop computer to Click To Dial any number stored on your Toolbar’s speed-dial list, call-history list, or group-directory lists. The Click-To-Dial feature also works from Microsoft Outlook’s Contacts pane and on any phone number displayed on a webpage.

But you needn’t be in your office or on a specific device to access and manage ROCKMessaging. You can access from any location on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer that has a mobile or Internet connection — from your local soccer field, from the Shanghai Stock Exchange floor, from virtually anywhere in the world.

With ROCKMessaging, your mobile device can work interchangeably with your office desk phone. People can reach you with a single number, no matter where you are. Using your mobile device, you can use your office phone number and outgoing Caller ID to place and return calls.

Your mobile device can also control all your personal greetings; your availability status, such as “busy,” or “out of office”; your message preferences; and your administrative functions. You can manage your voicemail box without having to dial into the voicemail system and then navigate key presses or voice commands.

The ROCKMessaging application does not interfere with your mobile device’s native call functions or voicemail system.


Optional Transcription Service Solves Awkward Message Situations

Even with worldwide mobile access, there are still places and times when a voice message can be awkward to handle. A convenient workaround: Convert a voice message to text. With RGTS’s optional Transcription Service, you can do this while sending or receiving messages.

ROCKMessaging eliminates the need for a separate fax number. Any personal computer, tablet, or smartphone can retrieve phone, text, and fax messages using common email applications or web browsers. No special software is required.

ROCKMessaging is an IMAP server that can be used with any standard web browser application or standard email client application, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, or IBM Notes.

Voice and fax messages can be retrieved from any Web-based account as WAV and PDF attachments. Voice messages can be listened to with any common WAV media player application.

ROCKMessaging conveniently administers all messages behind the scenes, ensuring that voicemail inboxes and email inboxes are always perfectly synchronized.


Convenient ROCKMessaging Benefits

  • Get one-touch mobile access to your office voicemail and email messages, and mobile access to administration.
  • Listen to voice messages with a smartphone, laptop, or desktop PC, or review messages over the phone while controlling playback through on-screen controls.
  • Shield your mobile phone number and display your RGTS office number on an outgoing call.
  • Read fax and voice message information via a mobile device directly from your e-mail inbox, including caller ID, duration of voicemail, fax sender, and number of pages.
  • View fax messages with any mobile device that can view PDFs or TIFF images.
  • Get one-touch mobile access to your office phone’s Do Not Disturb setting, allowing you to send office calls directly to voicemail.
  • Administer your mailbox remotely, including changing your recorded name and voicemail password and setting up a new voicemail inbox.
  • Set up and record personal greetings remotely, including default, busy, out of office and extended absence. Set up individual forwarding (follow-me) destinations.
  • Receive incoming calls to your office number on your mobile device; transfer or record the call, if desired.
  • Use Click To Dial on your desktop computer Telephony Toolbar and Web Portal to dial any number from  a speed-dial list, call-history, or group-directory list. Click To Dial also works on Microsoft Outlook contacts and on phone numbers on webpages. (Not available on mobile devices.)
  • Record and send a voicemail message remotely to another internal number and set future delivery schedule, return receipt notification, and special flags, such as “priority” and “confidential.”
  • Forward voice and fax messages remotely to any email address directly from your email inbox.
  • Listen to email WAV file attachments directly from your voicemail inbox via a mobile device.
  • Listen to, delete, save, reply to, and forward voicemails through your smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop.
  • Forward emails to print to a fax machine.
  • Archive voice and fax messages to any local folder.
  • Eliminate the need for a separate fax phone number.
  • Save staff time and raise productivity via single access to all messages.
  • Cloud-based hosted service: no equipment or software to buy or update.


ROCKMessaging Training Sessions Are Available

Call your Client Advocate or 212-282-2222 (toll-free: 800-699-9199).


Topics: Unified Communications

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