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RGTS Enhances Service Reliability And Trouble-Reporting Routes

Posted September 19, 2016 | IT Support

First Actions in Continuing Review of All Systems and Procedures

This summer Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions, Inc., launched an extensive reliability review of all its service infrastructure systems and operating procedures.

Although the review is still underway, RGTS has already implemented two recommended enhancements, in keeping with its goal to apply recommendations as soon as possible:

As part of the continuing reliability review, the RGTS operations team is examining additional methods of communicating with clients during service events, upgrades, enhancements, or maintenance windows.

These communication methods or touch points with clients are of particular interest: Any disruption risk to RGTS’s services may concurrently pose a risk to one or more communication touch points with clients.

A Fresh, Outside Perspective on a Continuing 32-Year Mission

The reliability review that RGTS launched this summer continues a crucial mission that RGTS has pursued since its founding in 1984. In the three-plus decades since, both the risks to telephone, data, and Internet service reliability and the methods to safeguard against those risks have grown in complexity and diversity. RGTS has worked tirelessly to implement new safeguards and maintain its service reliability at the very highest levels of the communications and technology industry. RGTS has reported frequently on its reliability enhancements as they have evolved.

This past summer RGTS enlisted the help of an outside firm to conduct an extensive review of its network infrastructure, to assure the integrity of the design along with associated network devices. The outside firm is also assisting with a complete review of RGTS’s internal processes and procedures. Possessing extensive industry expertise, but arriving unfamiliar with RGTS, the outside firm is well positioned to ask new questions about the design, infrastructure, and operation of RGTS’s service systems.

As the review continues, any additional enhancement recommendations that are made will be implemented and reported on in the weeks and months ahead.

“Everyone at RGTS greatly values and appreciates the relationships we enjoy with each of our clients and the trust you have placed in us,” said John T. Tarduno, president and CEO. “To that end, RGTS will continue to invest in and implement any changes necessary to provide you with the voice and data services you have come to expect and deserve.”

Find out more about RGTS's Enhanced Service Reliabilty Program, call your RGTS Client Advocate or 212-282-2222 (toll-free: 800-699-9199).


Topics: IT Support

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