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Clients Explain Why RGTS’s Exceptional Service Is So Crucial

Posted February 22, 2016 | RGTS

What is it about Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions’ customer service? Why is it so crucial? For more than three decades, RGTS has stayed focused on delivering exceptional customer service. But it’s the clients who explain it best:


Teri McCaslin, Continental Grain Company

When we looked and various vendors, certainly all of them had the capability to deliver the technology. But it’s who do you really want to work with? Who do you trust? We know that they have our best interest at heart.


Michael McCabe, BLB&G

I don’t consider them a vendor. They’re almost like co-workers. They know our layout. I know their technicians by name. I’ve known these guys 12 years, and most of them I do consider friends.  Our partnership with RGTS is critical to keeping us up and running. As lawyers, communication is key.

Barry Fagan, IT Executive

Our technology needs are extremely important. Providing phone service is a lot more complicated than it looks, and over the past 20 years whenever I’ve called on RGTS they’ve been there for me.


The clients confirm the achievement of RGTS’s service goal: to be a dependable partner in each client’s business success.

See these clients and hear their comments live in RGTS' new video:


The RGTS Service Formula

RGTS’s unique service approach arises from the confluence of three critical components:


Genetic Markers

RGTS was formed in 1984 by The Rockefeller Group, the developer, owner, and manager of Rockefeller Center — where office tenants expected and received the industry’s highest level of office services.

The 1984 break-up of Ma Bell’s longstanding monopoly promised a new era of telephone service competition and innovation. The break-up also threatened a new era of service vendor fragmentation, unaccountability, and confusion. Both the promises and the threats came true.

“The Rockefeller Group formed RGTS in response to the 1984 Ma Bell breakup in order to ensure its office tenants had telephone service that was reliable, innovative, comprehensive, and one-stop single-source accountable,” said John Tarduno, RGTS president and CEO. In short, The Rockefeller Group formed RGTS to deliver telephone service in the new post-Ma Bell era at the exceptional level Rockefeller Center tenants had come to expect for more than half a century.


Product Independence

RGTS is an independent technology service provider and is not beholden to any equipment manufacturers, software providers, or communications transport carriers. This independence puts RGTS’s business motivation in exact opposition to a product manufacturer’s — all to the benefit of RGTS’s clients.

An equipment or software manufacturer might say, “We have a great product; who can we sell it to?” But approaching from the opposite direction, RGTS would say, “This is our client; what’s the best proven solution on the market to meet this client’s particular business needs?”

That’s the advantage of product independence in simple terms. But there’s more to it. No technology product, no matter how brilliant, operates in a vacuum or in suspended time. Many talented technology innovators have experienced meteoric rises and falls since 1984. With constant vigilance of technology innovations and marketplace developments, RGTS is able to move independently and deftly to offer its clients the most reliable, responsive, cost-effective innovations as they evolve and prove themselves, regardless of where they come from.

A vivid example: the technology evolution and broad market adaptation VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the 21st century. RGTS’s product independence has enabled it to be an early and continuing adapter of numerous VoIP-based innovations from wide-ranging sources.

Another example of product independence’s advantage: hosted telephone service vs. on-premises voice service — perhaps the most divergent approaches available today. RGTS has extensive working experience and major client successes with both approaches.


Financial Strength

As a subsidiary formed to serve an express goal of The Rockefeller Group, RGTS has long enjoyed the firm support of its corporate parent, through both business upswings and downturns. This support has enabled RGTS to endure, prosper, and remain true to its customer-service focus in a technology market that has been highly volatile since 1984.

“So much of our success is due to our parent company, which is The Rockefeller Group,” said Richard Gross, RGTS senior vice president and chief operating officer. “It’s always stood for reliability, integrity, and stability.”

Indeed, RGTS’s 10th, 20th and 30th anniversaries are progressively rarer milestones for any company in the technology industry. “Some of our clients have been with us since our inception,” Gross said.


Clients Have the Last Word

“If I could sum up my relationship with RGTS in a few words: Reliability. Dependability.”
   — Michael McCabe

“They know my business. I have a single point of contact. I have a team that understands and can respond to my needs very quickly.
  — Barry Fagan

“It’s all about who you’re working with. Who’s there to deliver the services. Who’s there to solve your problems.”
  — Teri McCaslin



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