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Recent Articles

When IT Workloads Surge, RGTS’s Tech Staff Augmentation Service Can Help — Immediately
Posted Feb 18
What can trigger sudden new demands on your company’s IT workload and staff? New client? New contract assignment? ... Read More
RGTS Makes Office Relocation Safe and Secure for Phone, Internet, and IT Services
Posted Feb 17
Experienced, Meticulous Planning from RGTS Averts Communications Disruptions, Assures Moving Success ... Read More
Holiday Greetings and Thank You to All Our Clients As We Cap Our 30th Anniversary
Posted Nov 19 | by John Tarduno
From John Tarduno President & CEO Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions, Inc. ... Read More
Improving In-Building Smartphone Connections Via DAS
Posted Nov 18 | by Todd Adams
Distributed Antenna Systems Deliver Better Mobile Connectivity Throughout Buildings and Campuses As mobile smartphones proliferate for business ... Read More
RGTS Clients Are Well Protected  Against Huge Charges From Phone Fraud
Posted Nov 9
Clients Can Take Additional, Simple Precautions Against Widespread Fraud Recently Reported in The New York Times. Imagine arriving to work Monday ... Read More
RGTS on Twitter:  Quick Cues to Seize Emerging Tech Opportunities, Solve Technology Mysteries
Posted Sep 17
Do performance anomalies seem to come and go mysteriously within your company’s technology systems? Are you curious about emerging technology developments or opportunities that may give... Read More
WiredNYC Ranks 1221 and 1271 Avenue of the Americas “Platinum” For Technology Managed by RGTS
Posted Sep 17
New York City office tenants looking for information on commercial buildings’ telecom, Internet access, and technological performance will find the Rockefeller Center towers at 1221... Read More
RGTS Launches New Website<br>Puts Powerful Technology Gains In Easy Reach
Posted Jul 14
Think fast: Could you explain to your CFO the technology and cost advantages for each of the following 10 topics — in 75 plain-English words... Read More
Healthcare Technology Trends for 2013
Posted Aug 10
As Hospital Mergers and Budget Cuts Spread, RGTS Provides Exceptional Opportunities to Enhance Communications Services, Increase Performance and Reduce Costs. ... Read More
Short-Term IT Tech Staff Available From RGTS
Posted Aug 9
For Even Greater Flexibility, Now You Can Roll Over Unused Monthly Hours.When IT workloads pile up and there’s a need for additional technology support, many... Read More
Cloud Computing From RGTS
Posted Mar 13
A New Operating Model To Cut IT Costs, Tighten Security, and Unleash New PossibilitiesIf you’ve wondered about the possibilities of cloud computing for your company... Read More
RGTS Completes Major Technology Infrastructure Project for Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center
Posted Mar 5
Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions (RGTS), a division of Rockefeller Group International, Inc. (The Rockefeller Group), has completed a major telecommunications infrastructure project for Bronx Lebanon... Read More
2012 Year in Review
Posted Dec 21
From John TardunoPresident & CEORockefeller Group Technology Solutions, Inc.2012 has been another good service year for RGTS’s clients. Our services benefitted from new innovations and... Read More
RGTS’s Carrier-Grade Monitoring Protection for Your Computer Network
Posted Jul 12
Major Cost Savings and Performance Gains Over In-House Network Monitoring ... Read More
Smartphones and iPads Shine With RGTS’s Unified Messaging for Voice, E-mail, Fax
Posted Apr 10
It’s as though the two were made for each other. For all the convenience of getting all your emails, voicemails, and faxes simultaneously in a... Read More
Heavy IT Project Load? Need To Do More With Less? RGTS’s Tech Staff Augmentation Service Can Help
Posted Apr 10
Business is getting busier; you need to attend to it immediately, and you need more IT help right now. But you need to do more... Read More
A Look Back at 2011
Posted Dec 14
This past year has been busy and challenging at RGTS, yielding some notable rewards for our clients and for our own operations. We leveraged the... Read More
A Major International Publisher Calls on RGTS For Nationwide Cutover to New Transport Service
Posted Oct 4
RGTS Deemed Best Qualified for Critical Nationwide ProjectA major international publisher, decided earlier this year to switch to XO Communications for nationwide transport of critical... Read More
Via Twitter: Instant Access to Diverse Resources, Plus Valuable Online Resources Recommended by RGTS’s Technology Experts
Posted Oct 4
Rockefeller Group Technology Services Inc. is now on Twitter.It’s another way for our clients, partners, and friends to access the many resources available at Read More
Share the Wealth and Reward Your Company
Posted Jun 30
RGTS’s “Show Me The Money” Sales Referral Program Offers Three-Way RewardsIt’s something to talk about when Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions Inc. delivers exceptional services and... Read More
To Survive a Disaster in New York, Colocate Mission-Critical Backups in Boston
Posted Jun 30
Offsite Backup and Realtime Continuity Services Available from New RGTS Hardened Facility in Boston. Specially Designed Boston Facility Is on Power Grid Separate from NYIf... Read More
Cloud Computing
Posted Mar 25
A New Operating Model to Cut IT Costs, Tighten Security, and Unleash New Possibilities.If you’ve wondered lately about the possibilities of cloud computing for your... Read More
ROCKVoice - A Nimble New Platform For VoIP Services and Client Control
Posted Apr 22
RGTS's client companies and their employees now have at their disposal a whole new standard of performance and direct control for VoIP (Voice over Internet... Read More