Healthcare Technology Trends for 2013

As Hospital Mergers and Budget Cuts Spread, RGTS Provides Exceptional Opportunities to Enhance Communications Services, Increase Performance and Reduce Costs.

For hospital technology professionals, it’s an exceptionally challenging time to manage communications and IT infrastructure. Extensive new regulation, tighter budgets, and frequent organization mergers all converge to create tremendous new pressures.

Despite such constraints and pressures, chief technology officers must still keep their organizations current and competitive. They must be able to support new technology and applications, including secure, anywhere access to electronic medical records, patients’ personal health records, and ePrescribing, as well as to mHealth and machine-to-machine solutions, BYOD initiatives...


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With client tenures over two decades, RGTS has successfully provided voice, data, cabling, and internet services and solutions to our customers – longer than most of our competitors have been in business.

As business technology continues to evolve, RGTS remains true to the mission it first laid out in 1984. Simply put, we want satisfied clients! And we accomplish that goal by listening to our clients' business needs and challenges. Then we provide high quality, reliable service and solutions, specifically tailored to each clients singular business needs. Finally, we deliver what we promise and remain vigilant to clients’ changing business environment.

RGTS takes great pride in the quality of client relationships, and in the trust we have earned through consistent performance.